Author: Snehal Pradhan

Who will watch the watchers?

Menon’s call alone doesn’t make him a bad umpire, just like Shreyas Iyer’s inability to read Mohammed Shami’s knuckle ball didn’t make him a bad batter. These are professionals doing their jobs, and they can make mistakes. If they make too many, they lose their jobs. Quality umpiring comes from competition.

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Shikha Pandey’s pilgrimage

Shikha Pandey made that pilgrimage this week. As a child, she used to wake up early in the morning to watch the Test cricket that was played there. As a teenager, she probably fantasised over the spells she’s seen bowled there. Curtly Ambrose, his incredible  display, taking 7 for 1. Ishant Sharma, in the famous ‘ek aur karega’ match. Irfan Pathan’s match and ball-swinging heroics. 

As an adult, she’s now played there. 

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No more saliva shine in cricket: What it means, what it changes and what are the alternatives in the ‘new normal’

The saliva based method is based more on polishing than soaking. When saliva is used to shine the ball, the ball is immediately rubbed against the trousers. This removes the excess moisture from the ball, but the other elements of saliva -presumably the mucus- provide a slickness that helps in the shining.

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